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Outdoor activities from land to coast

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At ALC we understand the importance of getting outside to enhance young peoples’ education. We have three centres across the UK’s stunning woodlands, coastline and mountains that offer the perfect backdrop for outdoor learning. Our centre situated in Pembrokeshire, Sealyham, allows us to deliver a wide range of adventurous activities using some of the most spectacular natural areas from world famous beaches to iconic climbing areas. Accompanying this, with our 90 acres of woodland we can offer a large amount of onsite activities like high ropes, archery, bushcraft and lots more.

Below is a taste of the different activities we run at Sealyham.

Rock climbing

Challenging both the physical and mental self, rock climbing allows participants to set their own goals and work towards them. Finding suitable climbs for all abilities, rock climbing is a rewarding experience that helps to increase confidence. Learning new skills whilst taking part, including belaying and tying knots, climbing has transferable skills that can be utilised in other activities across the week.


Promoting teamwork, canoeing encourages young people to work together. Improving skills like coordination, communication and goal setting, canoeing is a fun and informal way to learn something new and develop as a team.


Surfing is a great activities that works on the participants mobility and balance skills while having loads of fun. It also is the perfect opportunity to learn about beach safety and spotting water hazards. Being out of their comfort zone is a great way to build resilience. A lot can be achieved in a short time!

High ropes 

With a purpose-built high ropes course up in the tree canopy within our own grounds. Participants will learn how to use all the safety kit plus they will develop their teamwork expertise though helping each other and encouragement of each other.


Whether in a local estuary on in the sea, kayaking lets participants explore their surroundings. With plenty to see, learn and play including games of polo, ball, balancing and racing, there is something for everyone.

Beach Visits

Pembrokeshire has some the most beautiful beaches in the world, ranging from small coves to expansive sands. Beach visits can include a relaxing play on the beach and running free, or it can be more structured with rock pooling and sandcastle building.


Bushcraft brings us back to basics. Students will explore how nature can provide everyday essentials – food, warmth and shelter. It is an opportunity to learn the key skills of survival, how to build a shelter, start a fire from scratch and cook something on our fire.


Coasteering involves exploring the rocky coastline, scrambling, climbing, swimming and jumping into the water. Using the fabulous Pembrokeshire coastline, we can deliver challenges for beginners upwards. Our instructors will encourage teamwork and responsibility throughout the session. Climbs, swims and jumps are all managed to a level appropriate to the team’s ability.


Orienteering is all about map work and exploration. It can be a walk in the woods discovering where the map leads or a competitive event which involves running to collect control points. Participants will develop the key skills of map reading, compass work, time management, self-reliance and decision making. Orienteering helps  to improve self-confidence and fitness, but above all it is fun.


For a more relaxed session, participants can hone their skills at archery. Taking the time to master the art encourages determination and resilience.

Want to know more?
Whether on the centre grounds or at the coast, Sealyham has a lot to offer. If you’re interested in learning more about our bespoke residential trips at Sealyham, contact us today.

Emily Skivington | 23 November 2022
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