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Take your University group on an adventure to remember! 

University groups can embark on a fantastic trip filled with activities that foster teamwork, confidence building, and more! Simply let us know your customisation preferences and desired activities, and we’ll ensure your group meets their requirements.

Once your group arrives, leave the rest to us. Accommodation, food, equipment, and activities are all-inclusive and meticulously arranged by our team. Upon arrival, your group will be warmly greeted by our s team, ready to assist you throughout your stay. We’re committed to helping your group reach its full potential!

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What to expect on your trip?

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  • Choose from a variety of activities.
  • Fully catered experience with delicious meals and snacks.
  • Tailored activities to accommodate your group’s needs.
  • Male or female group leaders are available upon request, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive experience for all participants.
  • 3 different centres to choose from with unique activities to enjoy.
  • We accommodate allergies and special dietary needs to ensure everyone can partake in the adventure.
  • The option to have the whole centre to your group.
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You can find our centres in Hertfordshire, Pembrokeshire and Snowdonia, each offering a unique experience in outdoor adventures. From the woods, to the coast, to the mountains, we have something to excite everybody.


Wolf's Castle, Haverfordwest SA62 5NF, UK

The Towers

Capel Curig, Betws-y-Coed LL24 0DR, UK


Cuffley, Cuffley, Potters Bar, UK

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How can outdoor learning benefit university groups?

Outdoor learning offers significant benefits for university groups by addressing several key areas essential for personal and academic growth:

  • Strengthens Teamwork: Outdoor learning activities often involve collaborative tasks that require students to work together to achieve common goals. This environment helps strengthen teamwork skills, fostering better communication, cooperation, and trust among group members.
  • Practical Application: Outdoor learning provides opportunities for students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings. This hands-on approach enhances understanding and retention of academic concepts, making learning more relevant and impactful.
  • Mental Health: Engaging in outdoor activities can greatly improve mental health by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. The natural environment and physical activity contribute to overall emotional well-being, providing a refreshing break from the academic pressures of university life.
  • Leadership Development: Outdoor learning scenarios often require students to take on leadership roles, making decisions and guiding their peers through various challenges. These experiences help develop essential leadership skills, such as problem-solving, decision-making, and the ability to inspire and motivate others.

Overall, outdoor learning offers university groups a comprehensive approach to enhancing teamwork, applying practical knowledge, improving mental health, and developing leadership skills, all of which are crucial for their academic and personal success.

What sort of outdoor learning activities take place on a university group trip?

On a university group trip, a variety of exciting and educational outdoor learning activities are available. These activities are designed to challenge participants, foster teamwork, and provide hands-on learning experiences. Some of the key activities include:

  • Gorge Scrambling: Navigate through rocky gorges, climb over boulders, and wade through streams, combining elements of climbing and hiking for an exhilarating experience.
  • Mine Exploration: Delve into historical mines to learn about geology and history while experiencing the thrill of underground exploration.
  • Coasteering: Explore the rugged coastline by swimming, climbing, and jumping off cliffs into the sea, blending adventure and nature.
  • Kayaking: Paddle through lakes and rivers, developing paddling skills and enjoying the tranquility of the natural waterways.
  • High Ropes: Tackle high ropes courses that challenge balance, coordination, and courage, fostering confidence and teamwork.
  • Target Sports: Engage in activities such as archery or clay pigeon shooting, which hone focus, precision, and concentration.

These activities, along with many others, ensure that university group trips are both dynamic and enriching, providing opportunities for adventure, skill development, and practical application of knowledge in a natural setting.

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