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Coastal Experience 

Sealyham Active Learning Centre is our dedicated coastal centre – but offers a whole range of outdoor activities both off, on and in the water. Situated conveniently for visits to numerous beaches and other coastal areas, the centre has recently undergone a complete refurbishment and upgrade to offer warm, comfortable accommodation and dining facilities to provide the perfect setting for a fun- filled, action-packed residential experience.

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Active Learning Centre Experiences 

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Active Learning Residentials 

At Sealyham Active Learning Centre we offer two to five day residentials to suit every age group as well as plenty of childrens activities in Pembrokeshire. With superb accommodation and a kitchen providing an excellent range of freshly cooked meals that can cater for all dietary needs.

  • Dorm bedrooms catering for up to 100 students plus teachers.
  • Well-sourced, healthy and nutritious food that can cater to any dietary requirement
  • Unique and Bespoke itinerary for your visit

    Flexible Accommodation 

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    Newly Refurbished Rooms

    Our newly-refurbished rooms offer next-level comfort for all visitors. Offering a range of flexible accommodation, we can host groups of up to 100 students plus teachers all within the stunning Grade 2 listed Sealyham mansion, set within its 100-acre grounds.
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    What do we eat 

    Here at Sealyham, all our menus are carefully chosen to provide the right balance of foods to fuel our adventurous visitors. Wherever possible, we’ll source locally and provide a menu that reflects the coastal environment. Catering for all dietary needs, our kitchen can create food that inspires and meets the needs of all visitors. Our newly refurbished dining areas provide the perfect setting to enjoy your meals and we look forward to serving you!

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      Guest care 

      At Sealyham Active Learning Centre we believe there are a number of components that combine to make your stay with us memorable, so we work hard to ensure that all visiting staff and students can enjoy:

      • Daily breakfast, lunch & supper options
      • Relaxing student cafe area
      • Dedicated teachers lounge
      • Comfortable breakout and meeting rooms
      • Afternoon snacks
      • Evening activities

        Where is it?

        Sealyham Active Learning Centre (SA62 5Nf) is found close to Wolfscastle, just 9 miles north of Haverfordwest and 7 miles south of Fishguard in the county of Pembrokeshire. Approximately 12 miles away are the superb beaches of Whitesands and Newgale, with the stunning cathedral city of St Davids just half an hour away. Easy access via the M4 and A40 puts Sealyham in reach of numerous parts of England and Wales.


        Wolf's Castle, Haverfordwest SA62 5NF, UK

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        What makes Wales a good place for ALC outdoor learning centres?

        Wales is an excellent location for ALC outdoor learning centres due to two key factors:

        1. Diverse Landscapes: Wales boasts a variety of landscapes, including mountains, coastlines, forests, and rivers. This diversity allows for a wide range of outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, coasteering, canoeing, and hillwalking. The varied terrain ensures that there are always new and exciting challenges for participants.
        2. Rich Biodiversity: The natural environments in Wales are home to a rich array of plant and animal species. This biodiversity provides ample opportunities for learning about ecosystems, conservation, and the natural world. Exploring these environments helps participants develop a deeper appreciation for nature and the importance of protecting it.

        Overall, Wales’ diverse landscapes and rich biodiversity make it an ideal setting for ALC outdoor learning centres, offering numerous opportunities for adventure, education, and personal development.

        What activities take place at ALC outdoor learning centres in Wales?

        At Sealyham outdoor learning centre in Wales, participants can enjoy a wide range of thrilling and educational activities that take advantage of the country’s diverse natural environments. Some of the key activities include:

        • Coasteering: Experience the rugged coastline of Wales by swimming, climbing, and jumping off cliffs into the sea. Coasteering combines elements of rock climbing and swimming, providing an exhilarating way to explore the coastal landscape.
        • Surfing: Ride the waves at some of Wales’ beautiful beaches. Surfing lessons cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced surfers, making it a fun and accessible activity for everyone.
        • Canoeing: Paddle along Wales’ scenic rivers and lakes, developing paddling skills while enjoying the tranquility and beauty of the natural surroundings. Canoeing is a great way to explore waterways and observe local wildlife.
        • Kayaking: Similar to canoeing, kayaking offers a thrilling water adventure. Whether navigating calm lakes or tackling fast-flowing rivers, kayaking provides a versatile and exciting way to experience the water.

        These activities, along with many others, ensure our centre offers a comprehensive and dynamic outdoor experience, fostering both adventure and personal growth.

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