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Discover real adventure at The Towers 

Our beautiful Towers centre is a perfect base camp in the heart of Snowdonia. You will be welcomed by our friendly team of outdoor experts, and meet peers from all over the UK for an adventure of a lifetime.

Activities include:

Gorge scrambling

Mine exploration

Climbing and abseiling

Mountain treks and much more


12th-16th August 2024





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Why choose The Towers Active Learning Centre?

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  • Fully modernised accommodation
  • Fantastic full-board food, prepared fresh on site by our chef
  • Meet like-minded young people from across the UK
  • Friendly, helpful, and experienced staff
  • Breathe taking activities and experiences
  • Brand new, top spec equipment
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Please follow the below link to book your Gold DofE Residential. This link will take you through to the website of our sister company Camp Wilderness, which hosts our booking platform and includes instructions of how to book your residential. If you need any more information, please use our contact details below.

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What is the DofE Gold Residential? 

To complete your Gold DofE you must undertake a residential, for this section you need to undertake a shared activity or specific course with people you do not know, in a residential setting away from home and in an unfamiliar environment.

This section offers a high degree of flexibility but it must be done with an organised group. You must join it individually and not with an existing group of friends or as part of a school or youth group trip.

Your activity can be anything that provides you with an opportunity for broadening your interests and experiences. It is ideal for trying something new.