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Essential Skills at ALC 

Building essential skills is fundamental to a young person’s development. So all our courses at Active Learning Centres can incorporate the use of the Skills Builder Framework to deliver adventure and personal development experiences that align with the Skills Builder 8 essential skills –Leadership, Teamwork, Listening, Speaking, Staying Positive, Aiming High, Creativity and Problem Solving.

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The Skills Builder Framework is used by over 750 Schools in the UK to further the development of Essential Skills in young people. Active Learning Centres support the development of the 8 Essential Skill areas by working with teachers and students prior to, during, and after their visit to one of our centres.

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Bespoke programmes, tailored to your students' needs 

Post-booking, Trip Leaders are guided to the Skills Builder Hub to undertake an initial assessment of the visiting group’s stage of development of each of the skill areas. If a School so chooses, they can also ask their students to take a self- assessment. On arrival at the Active Learning Centre, The Trip Leader will then inform their Instructor of the Essential Skills and levels they would like to focus on for the duration of their stay or visit. By focusing on the development of target skills and ensuring all the activities offer the opportunity to engage with the skill development, students will move through the Essential Skills levels while also becoming more confident in their abilities.

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If you would like to discuss a programme with one of our team, contact us here.

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