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50% of all mental health conditions begin by the age of 14*. During this time, children and young people spend more waking hours in school than anywhere else.

*Source: The Mental Health Foundation

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Student Wellbeing 

Evidence shows that a proactive focus that equips all young people to understand and self-regulate their own wellbeing impacts positively on their personal development and academic success. Wellbeing is the Active Learning Centres foundation and integral to our overall purpose of providing High Quality Outdoor and Experiential Learning Experiences, building self- belief and empowering individuals to succeed.

Active Learning Centres (ALC) can and will make a positive difference to the wellbeing of students in our care, helping them flourish socially, emotionally, and physically. Promoting wellbeing is the shared responsibility of everyone at ALC, working with our client schools.

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We define wellbeing as:

The sense of feeling content; socially, emotionally, and physically flourishing.

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What we are doing

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We identify six major contributors to wellbeing

  1. Adequate and restful sleep – which recharges both body and brain, improves the capacity to learn and retain information and improves social interactions – we’ll do this by ensuring our students have full and physically demanding days – the fresh air and exercise will certainly help them sleep!
  2. Healthy and balanced diet – which gives our organs and tissues adequate nutrition to work effectively and reduces risk of disease and ill- health – we’ll do this by ensuring that we provide healthy, nutritious food on all our courses – and we’ll help explain why we choose the foods that fuel the students on our courses!
  3. Moderate to vigorous and regular physical activity – which decreases the risks of developing certain diseases and conditions – being active in the outdoors is at the heart of what we do – from woodland adventures at Cuffley, through exploring the stunning coastlines of Pembrokeshire to climbing the rugged mountains of Snowdonia – we do it all!
  4. Connecting with self and others – which develops moment – by moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings and body sensations and gives a sense of belonging, identity and security – creating a secure environment and encouraging open refection through structured reviews is critical to our work. Our skilled facilitators draw contributions from all participants by their challenging, yet caring and developmental approach.
  5. Being engaged in a fulfilling activity – which provides a sense of engagement, meaning and purpose – by working in harmony with our environments we encourage a view that includes sustainability and conservation – the outdoors is our workplace, we want all participants to respect and enjoy it.
  6. Giving to help a cause or others – which creates more compassionate and grateful communities and generates positive emotions for the giver as well as the receiver – from conservations efforts in the UK woodlands, to understanding the effects of tourism in our National Parks – we aim to make a positive impact through our ventures.