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Why You Should Choose Us 

Our Philosophy

We believe that active outdoor learning is a key component in supporting the development of positive character attributes. Bringing active learning to your students helps to foster their healthy, enquiring minds. We encourage students to embrace the outdoors, and find new ways of looking at challenges. We also recognise the benefits of the natural environment, on promoting wellbeing and encouraging a wider awareness of both local and global issues.

Our Approach

Across our Active Learning Centres, we have a focus on reviewing and reflecting. Our courses enable students to actively engage and develop their own self-awareness. They begin to recognise their own and others’ strengths and current limitations, valuing the contributions of others. Our skilled team of staff and activity leaders will help students to recognize and applaud their own and others’ achievements, thus fostering friendships and developing supportive networks.

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Everyone has such heart for their job. It really gets the kids excited. 

Our main goal is to provide #BrilliantResidentials
In June 2015 York Consulting published its final independent evaluation of Learning Away residentials, identifying their impacts as well as what it is about the overnight stay that brings about such positive powerful outcomes for young people long after their return to school. Active Learning Group, and the staff at Cuffley, Sealyham and The Towers are proud supporters of the Campaign for #BrilliantResidentials. For more information visit and speak to us about how we can help create #Brilliant Residentials for your students.

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Join the team!

ALC is always looking for people that share our passion for developing young people. Speak to us now about our opportunities for full time or seasonal work

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