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The Benefits of Outdoor Learning

We all know how important diverse in-class teaching methods are for our child’s development – from partner work through to presentations, these all touch on key developmental stages, but have you ever considered the impact on indoor and outdoor learning. Here at Active Learning Centres we embrace the outdoors and take education outside of the classroom.

Let us explain why:

Practical Experience

Depending on the subject, being out in the great outdoors can provide real world examples. From getting into the woods and seeing biodiversity in person to problem solving activities that tackle different areas of the brain. Outdoor education can give a real environment for children to get out and explore while utilising new skills.

Learn through play

By using our outdoor environment for lessons most of the teaching happens through play. This results in children engaging a lot more throughout the sessions. They are getting hands-on experience compared to when they are sitting indoors, helping them to engage different parts of the brain. With outdoor learning, they get to embrace their surroundings and feel a part of the class.

Mental Health

Spending more time outdoors can help with all of our mental health. From breathing in the fresh air to enjoying the natural sunlight all of these elements have a positive impact. Add in the beneficial aspects of exercise and it’s easy to see why many choose to spend time outside to focus on their mental health and general wellbeing.

Improve Concentration and Focus

We are constantly surrounded by distractions with various objects and technology fighting for our attention. It can be difficult to block so many factors out of our mind while we try to focus on tasks at hand. That’s why being outdoors and putting technology down can be so beneficial, allowing us to focus on what’s right in front of us and enjoy our own thoughts.

Fun for teachers

Not only is outdoor education a fantastic way to inspire and surprise young minds but it’s also can provide great entertainment to teachers too. They can make the most of the opportunity as well enjoying the fresh air and connecting with their students while in a new environment with fun new experiences.

These are just a few of the reasons we prioritise outdoor learning here at Active Learning Centres. Outdoor education has so many positive impacts that we hope you will be able to take some time and join us and experience them for yourself at one of our outdoor activity centres in the near future.

Beth Lee-ashby | 7 October 2022
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